Charters Download
Charter of the Board of Directors
Audit Committee Charter
Executive Board Charter
Charter of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Charter of the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Code of Conduct Download
Code of Conduct
Corporate Policies Download
Personal Data Protection Policy
Policy on the Board of Directors' Meetings
Policy on entering into related party transactions or connected transactions of the company
The Company's Good Corporate Governance Policy
Investment Policy and Supervision of Operations of Subsidiaries and Associated Companies
Dividend Policy
Conflict of Interest Prevention Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Consideration for Inventory Life Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy
Account Policy
Company Insider Policy
Personnel Management Policy
Employment Policy
Information System Policy
Materials Disclosure Policy
Risk Management Policy
Monetary policy
Corporate Document Download
Objectives for the Company
Articles of Association
Organizational Structure
Requirements regarding the scope of powers, duties, and responsibilities of the chief executive officer
Terms of Authority, Duties, and Responsibilities of a Company Secretary
Scope of Requirements, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Risk Management Committee
Business Continuity Management (BCM)
Authorization Manual (New)
Risk Management Manual
Risk Management Plan
Succession Plan
IT Emergency Support Plan
Business Continuity Management Plan (BCP)
Principles relating to trade agreements with general terms of trade.