With more than 10 years of experience in Shrink Sleeve Label printing, we are able to maintain our quality and continuously improve our printing service. Apart from that, we also offer consulting services from our skilled experts, ensuring trust and confidence of customers within our products. We offer variety of services as follows:

  • We offer the printing of both PVC and PET Shrink Sleeve Labels.
  • We offer both Gravure and Digital printing systems.
  • We support Gravure printing with up to 10 colors for Shrink Sleeve Labels.
  • We offer effective assistance for customers needing help with new product manufacturing.
  • We have high performing NPD and Graphic Design expert teams.
  • We provide a safe and secure shipping service.

We ship shrink sleeve labels in both cut form and roll form, depending on customers’ request.

The importance of labels

Labels do not only serve as “the muted salesperson” of the products, they also help make your products look premium and attractive to the customers. This method is very popular among consumer products, eg. food, drinks, cosmetics, household products and appliances, etc.

Shrink Films or Sleeve Labels are named after their characteristics in which they will shrink when exposed to heat. They are made of plastic which molecules are orderly arranged during the film production. You can easily roll the film into a cylinder shape and then loosely cover it on the product. Then, heat the product with blow dryer or hot tunnel, depending on the size of the product and how fast you want the shrinking process to be. Finally, the film will shrink and fit to the product.

The prominent characteristics of Shrink Sleeve Labels are that they are able to shrink and fit to any kind of material, whether it is metal, glass, or plastic. Because shrink films support text and photo printing with variety of color options, products with shrink sleeve labels will look outstanding and attractive to customers.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeves

  • 360 ° Label Shrink sleeves labels can fit to products of any shape. Therefore, we can fully print out patterns, images, and texts all over the labels, while there are some limitations on the other type of sleeve labels.
  • Contours to Special Shapes Due to shrink films’ characteristic that can fit to any kind of material, whether it is metal, glass, or plastic, it allows them to shrink to fit bottles with unique shape.
  • Temper – Evident (Capseal Safety) Prevent the opening of the packages and protect the products until the customers receive them.
  • Increases Recyclability Reduce global warming since the bottles are recyclable.
  • Moisture Resistant Shrink films remain intact after being exposed to water.
  • Reduce Bottle Stock Reduce the number of bottle stocks and also save space.
  • Abrasion Resistant With the technology that allows color printing on the inner side of the labels, the images, patterns, and texts remain scratch-free.

2 Types of Shrink Films Widely Used for Packaging:

  1. Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC) PVC is remarkable for its transparency and easiness of molding. It is considered as the most commonly used type of shrink film.
  2. Polyester (PET) PET can be shrunk in a transverse direction (TD) It is best used for molding with uniquely shaped package due to its excellent shrinking rate.

3 Categories of Shrink Films Widely Used for Packaging:

  1. PVC Sleeve Label thickness of 30-50 micron (Shrinkage 50-60%) with high definition printing.
  2. PET Sleeve Label thickness of more than 40 micron (Shrinkage 75-78%) with high definition printing.
  3. Special PET Sleeve Label thickness of 40 micron (Shrinkage 75-78%) with high definition printing.
Benefits PET Shrinkfilm PVC Shrinkfilm
Physical Property

Excellent Shrinkage Rate :
Shrinkage rate of up to 70% with shrinking temperature starting at 70 – 80 degrees Celsius.

Very High Gloss Percentage :
Smooth, transparent, and glossy

Excellent Scuff Resistant :
Highly durable, excellent shock and tear resistant

The Most Heat Resistant material :
Most resistant to heat. Higher shrinking temperature than PVC

The Best Shrinkage Performance :
Best shrinkage performance. Stable shrinkage with no waves or wrinkles.

High Shrinkage Rate :
Shrinkage rate of up to 54% with shrinking temperature starting at 54 degrees Celsius.

High Clarity Level :
Transparent, vivid texts and colors

Good Scuff Resistant :
Tear resistant

The Most Easy Material to Control :
Easiest to control the film quality during the shrinking process.

The Most Commonly Used Material :
Most commonly used material for making shrink sleeve labels

Environmental Health

Eco - Friendly and Easily Recycled :
Eco-friendly and recyclable.

Poor Environmental Image :
Not eco-friendly. Will emit contaminants during the shrinking process.


Special Shape in Packaging :
Suitable for packaging with unique or curvy shape, especially bottles with high and narrow neck like wine bottles.

General Packaging :
Suitable for packaging with generic shapes, e.g. bottles, cans, cups, or others.