The gravure printing system is a quality system for the high resolutions of texts, pictures, screened patterns, and natural patterns.

It is also a fast and efficient system. It is appropriate for batch printing. So, its unit cost is low. The manufacturing processes of shrink films from the gravure printing system start from preparing molds according to customers’ requirements and taking the molds into the gravure printing system. After films are obtained, the post-printing processes start. These include rolling and spinning glued films to check the qualities of the products before being packaged. In some cases that customers want shrink film sheets, the company has to cut the sheets according to their requirements before packaging the sheets. The customers who order the shrink sleeves from the gravure printing system are leading restaurant, drinks, cosmetic and other beauty business owners.

Gravure Printing

Rotogravure "Ten Colors Printing" (Gravure Printing)

Characteristics of Gravure Printing system:
  1. Support 10 colors printing.
  2. Fast printing process. Saves time.
  3. High definition printing with vivid colors and details

Shrink Sleeve label by Gravure Printing

Material PVC, PET & Hybrid Film
Colors 10 Colors (Maximum)
Thickness 35 - 40 micron
MOQ 50,000 - 100,000 pcs.
(depend on size)
Max Width
Max Height
280 mm
650 mm